What you’ll get with Advantage

SPHR & PHR Certified Advisors

Our highly qualified team includes SPHR & PHR Certified Advisors who know the ins and outs of compliance, from A to Z.

ERISA Attorneys

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is complex and can be difficult to navigate, so our dedicated attorneys are here to help.

Compliance Resources

From compliance checklists to employee handbooks, access all the compliance resources your organization needs to succeed.

Hiring Best-Practices

Both hiring and onboarding require fair labor practices and other regulatory guidelines to be met. We’ll help you to build and optimize these solutions for your business.

Termination Support

Our experts will help you navigate the compliance and legality issues that surround termination in order to insulate your company and keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

Employee Relations Support

Maintaining and navigating employee relationships can be complex, so we work on issues ranging from sensitivity training to disciplinary solutions.

Payroll & HR Solutions

Click on a solution below to learn more about how Advantage can help create and manage a plan that works for your business.