How Does it Work for Employees?

Participate on Mobile or Computer
Employees receive a link via email or text inviting them to visit the Virtual Benefits Fair.

See Benefits Overview
They view an employer branded web page that displays all the “booths” or carriers who are participating in the fair.

Fast & Fun
Each booth has a custom graphic or video, brief explanation of the benefits, and links to flyers or websites.

Get Open Enrollment Information
Add plan information to help make the best decisions for their family and instruct them on how to enroll.

Award Prizes
Employees can earn prizes from each booth, and be entered for a drawing for overall attendance.

Provide 1-on-1 Attention
If an employee has questions, they can sign up for “Vendor Office Hours”.

Open Anytime
Employees can visit the fair on their own schedule. Your Virtual Benefit fair can run for up to 60 days.

Engage Dependents
Employees can invite dependents so everyone can learn.

Easy Set-Up

The benefits fair can be set-up and customized in 24 hours.

Reduced Cost

Less travel and time cost for vendors and HR teams.

Increase Benefits Enrollment

See analytics on who went to the fair, what they were interested in, and who needs follow-up to drive enrollment.

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