How your New Hire Orientation Online.
Fun and interactive for employees, easy to set up for employers.

Virtual New Hire Orientation

"The new communication tool is awesome. We use it to get our employees information about safety, wellness, benefits, and more. Through the dashboard Advantage set up we can track how many employees are opening and reading the texts, and the response from our workforce has been beyond incredible."


Benefits for New Hires

Participate on Mobile or Computer
Receive a link via email or text to visit the virtual New Hire Orientation.

Track Progress via a Checklist
View an employer branded web page that displays all the necessary new hire information and action items.

Acknowledge Policies Virtually
Read and acknowledge all organization policies in an easy, paperless format.

A new, fun and easy way for you to onboard your new hires throughout the year.

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Director of Human Resources and Employee Benefits at NCS

Send employees a link to via email or text message to participate.

Onboard new hires within hours, not weeks.

Reduce Workload

See analytics on who visited the orientation, what they have completed, and who needs a follow-up.

Track Progress

How does it work?

They can engage anytime, anywhere.

Acknowledge policies virtually.

Engaging new hire education, made simple.

Keep it Fast and Fun
Complete onboarding tasks in a simple and interactive format that feels like popular consumer media tools.

Open Anytime, Anywhere
Visit the New Hire Orientation at any convenient time and accomplish tasks before employment begins.

Access Our Resource Library
Reference important information and materials anytime throughout the year.

The entire experience can be set up and customized in less than 24 hours.

Easy Set Up

Track progress and come back any time to reference the information.