Baker Nissan


Baker Nissan is one of our oldest clients, and also one that needed to effectively manage their healthcare costs. Employees were having difficulty with access to care and provider balance billing. Moving back to a traditional insurance model would have meant a tremendous increase in costs.


We set out to find a solution that would cause minimal disruption while rewarding employees for their loyalty to Baker Nissan.

We did just that by introducing a new insurance solution that would reduce the difficulty behind billing, increase the quality of health care, and help to ensure employee satisfaction.


Now, Baker Nissan enjoys more robust health coverage and higher employee satisfaction, all in one fell swoop.


“By changing to a plan design that actually controls medical costs, our premiums over a four-year period decreased by 31% which resulted in saving our company more than $2,500,000 over a 5-year period! I am happy we can add this amount to our bottom line rather than giving it to the insurance companies.” – Tim Moncure